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            The purpose of this publication is to explain the existing conditions of the universe before the Big Bang.  It is also to explain what caused the Big Bang to happen as well as the present condition of the universe.  This version of the publication is written in laymen’s terms to promote conceptual understanding.


            Physicists state that the laws of physics break down and do not apply before the Big Bang.  Studies of accepted physics proving all of the information leading up to that micro second before the Big Bang is important work.  It is also important to understand what information these facts and theories of physics have not considered.  The creation of the universe in the Big Bang theory explains the expansion of all matter and energy within the space of the universe.  The key point not considered in the solution of the Big Bang is the space itself.  In this solution the space containing all of the matter and energy of the universe was not created by the Big Bang.  It existed before the Big Bang, and it also caused the Big Bang to occur.  It is inconceivable that all of the matter and energy of the universe can exceed or create the space that contains it.  It is also inconceivable to simply assume that the space was just already there.  The creation of space and what it actually is solves the Big Bang.  The important property of space is that it is dimensional.  In fact it is three dimensional.  No longer considered Einstein statements of time being the fourth dimension and present day string theory predicting numerous dimensions beyond three changes what space actually is.  All of the multi dimensional manifolds, points outside of points, and curled up dimensional geometry are still explainable as being contained in a three dimensional universe.  A larger or smaller area of height, length, and depth, three dimensions, can still contain them.  The solution begins before the Big Bang and also at the point where and when space and the dimension began.  The initiation and onset of space, a three dimensional space, can be explained as follows.


            The closest conceptualization of a three dimensional space is a simple cube.  A cube is not necessarily a perfect square, it can be deformed, but consider it for now to be the basic eight points.  Infinite points can be added deforming it beyond spherical shape, but right now that is not the point.  As a side issue why would three dimensions have eight points?  Nine points would seem to fit better mathematically.  The relationship between three and nine is prime.  Consider the ninth point to be the geometrical center of the cube. The ninth point can be considered the inception point, but just as with other laws of physics for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.  So now consider a sixteen point cube, a cube within a cube, a tesseract.  The concept of this tesseract behaves as follows.  At the inception and expansion of a cubic three dimensional space there is also the inception of a cubic three dimensional space contracting within it.  This occurs on an infinitely multiple geometrical scale, but still surrounds the original inception point. Eventually the size and weight of the expanding dimension creates pressure and turbulence on the contracting dimension.  Compression on the contracting dimension eventually morphs it into its strongest geometry, spherical.  No energy, wave, mass or anything else yet exists.  There is not yet gravity, electromagnetism, nor are there strong and weak nuclear forces.  There is no light, no dark energy or dark matter.  Existence before this universe, before the big bang, is exclusively dimensional.  The Big Bang is the spontaneous reaction to critical dimensional compression.  Our universe is born out into the macro dimension by the reaction of critical dimensional compression on the micro dimension. 


            Now here are some bullet points:

  • Space and everything in it is measured cubically yet much of matter is viewed as spheres like stars, planets, moons, and atoms.  This is the effect of turbulent compression that causes rough spin and spherical formation and interaction.  All spin can be traced back to dimensional turbulence and released as a complex spherical relationship.
  • The age of the universe is argued to be 13.7 billion years old and higher.  This represents only the visible universe.  The only time we can consider is the sum of all of the matter and distance we now perceive.
  • When technology allows us to measure the true sum of all matter and energy in the universe we will be able to calculate the precise point of dimensional inception and the place and time where and when the Big Bang occurred.
  • The makeup of the original pre Big Bang dimension has a root relationship to everything existing within it.  It will not be fully deciphered before everything in the universe is, and not necessarily then either.  The dimensional makeup may retain unique qualities not expressed, or expressed outside this universe.
  • The three dimensional model does not exclude additional dimensions, existences, or non existences.  It does include additional dimensions, multi-verses, or anything else existing within it.
  • The dimensional model may produce additional and variant Big Bangs.
  • The simplified formula: D-U=B with D being the past size of the dimension-U being all contents of the universe-B being the Big Bang that created it.
  • I believe in God.  God will always be a matter of faith unless God initiates disclosure.
  • Further information is available and collaboration is invited.




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